Where to Enjoy Frosé in New York

     As the summer swiftly approaches, you may have heard word of 2017’s trendiest cocktail, “frosé. If you are New York-based, you have definitely heard the word frosé more than once this season. For those who haven’t: frosé is a rosé-based frozen cocktail. This boozy slushie evokes a nostalgic feel for summers passed.

Find these frosé favorites at some of New York’s best summer spots.

1. The Hog Pit – Flatiron, NYC

If you’re staying in the city this summer, The Hog Pit has the perfect All-American summer atmosphere. This roadhouse is known for having some of the best Southern comfort food in New York, and a glass of tart Breezette frosé will compliment a plate of their infamous tangy barbecue. Come for the refreshing frosé, stay for the friendly employees, karaoke, and foosball table.

2. Industry Kitchen – South Street, NYC

Industry Kitchen is in the Financial District of Manhattan right on the water with clear views of the Brooklyn skyline and Governor’s Island. They serve their frosé with Breezette, holding more citrus notes, perfect for a local after-work happy hour.


3. The Buoy Bar – Point Lookout, Long Island

The Buoy Bar is a local waterfront bar and grill near Jones Bay that is known for their frozen cocktails. This bar is a great weekend getaway and has prime seating to watch the sunset. Their frosé is made with Juliette.


4. Nawlins’ Seafood Company – Freeport, Long Island

Made with Juliette, Nawlins’ frosé is served in a custom Nawlins glass. Nawlins is nestled in the Nautical Mile of Freeport, and known for their killer Cajun cuisine, especially their Po’ Boy sandwiches.


5. Ruschmeyer’s – Montauk, The Hamptons

Ruschmeyer’s is a no-brainer if you are in the Hamptons this summer. Ruschmeyer’s has a luxury summer camp vibe, with community picnic table seating and hanging tree lights. Their frosé is made with Juliette, and the fruitiness from the fresh strawberries is a perfect pairing for their brunch menu on hot summer days.


Or try our very own frosé recipe at home!