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Introducing Parce Rum

    Part of the Turquoise Life mission is to search the world for unique products to bring consumers a premium beverage experience. With that in mind, and with great pride, we announce the first spirit in our portfolio: Parce Rum.   
    Parce (pronounced “par-say”) is a natural addition to the Turquoise Life portfolio. As a family-owned, authentic rum blended in the heart of Colombia, and distilled in Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Colombia, Parce shares a home with the most exotic and authentic country in South America. Colombia boasts lush natural and historical wonders, produces rich coffee and exquisite flora, and is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes, including the turquoise beaches of Cartagena.

    Parce Rum comes joins the Turquoise Life portfolio with three different ages: a 3-year, 8-year, and 12-year rum. Each rum is blended carefully by experienced master blenders, and thoughtfully aged in bourbon barrels. The final product is a unique and refined spirit, representative of the Parce motto: Made con gusto.

            With its Colombian roots, award winning taste, and commitment to the Colombian environment with its One Bottle = One Tree program, Parce carries a heritage and philosophy that truly embodies the Turquoise Life.