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You Can’t Miss NYC’s Jazz Age Lawn Party

      Every summer for the past twelve years, New York City has been putting on a prohibition era inspired festival. What started out as a small gathering on Governor’s Island has turned into one of the city’s most beloved summer events, attracting thousands of time travelers each June and August. In case you need convincing to relive one of the grandest and most zealous eras in American history, here are five reasons why you must go to the Jazz Age Lawn Party.


  1. You get to play dress up.

Easily the most enticing reason to buy a ticket, dressing to the nines in full 1920s Jazz Age attire will be the most fun thing you get to do all summer. Plus, you won’t be able to stop staring at everyone else’s equally appropriate sartorial elegance.


  1. Live music and dancing.

Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra is everything you’d expect from the name. They are world renowned for their 1920’s Hot-Jazz that you won’t be able to resist getting up and moving your feet to. And Michael Aranella’s voice will lull you into a heady, Fitzgerald-esque daze.


  1. The photo ops.

What is more Insta-worthy than you and your best gents and best gals dolled up and frolicking and picnicking on Governor’s Island? If you want a photo memento that is seriously one-of-a-kind, there will be photo booth with a paper moon for guests to dreamily sit upon.


  1. Eye candy.

The Jazz Age Lawn Pary is so much more than just a picnic. Between the 1920s motorcar exhibition of Tin Lizzies, swanky performances by the Dreamland Follies and Canarsie Wobblers, vintage clothing pop ups, and authentic men’s grooming shops, the setup on the island will transport you; you’ll barely have time to sit down and picnic!


  1. VieVité is served everywhere.

Come for the picnic, stay for the VieVité. The Jay Gatsby of the Jazz Age Lawn Party, VieVité will keep the party going, it will leave you wanting more, and it will be the reason you never forget this decadent summer extravaganza. VieVité will be served by the glass, by the bottle, in cocktails and in picnic baskets.