Spotlight On: Lagar de Besada

When someone talks about classically great wine, an amateur may expect he or she to mention varietals hailing from France or Italy. But a more seasoned wine drinker knows that what makes a wine truly incredible is the passion and character behind the winery, no matter where it is located. And once you hear about the fruits of Lagar de Besada, you will understand why Baladiña and Henoba are some of the most exquisite wines to come from Spain.

Run by a lovely husband and wife team, Maria and David, Lagar de Besada is a young winery off the southwest coast of Spain in Rias Baixas, not far from Galicia. This charming winery boasts picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean waters and the breezy, maritime climate among the coastal hills helps create a soil perfect for the albariño vines. The resulting Baladiña Albariño is an exceptional Spanish wine with perfect acidity and beautiful citrus notes.

Lagar de Besada’s also boats boutique vineyards in the hills of La Mancha in central Spain where the grow one of the Spanish noble grapes: tempranillo. The climate experiences a balance of invigorating winters and summers and the vineyard is prominently nestled 3,000 feet above sea level, one of the highest elevation points across all Spanish wine regions. Henoba Tempranillo is a complex and balanced wine that elegant and easy to drink with notes of vanilla and berry.

The soils of the Rias Baixas are so fecund with vegetation it would be foolish to limit Lagar de Besada to just winemaking. On the property, the produce an albariño jelly, holding similar acidity and pucker as the Baladiña. They also bottle various liqueurs, ranging from sweet to herbal flavors, and even coffee-flavored. The complex grapes give way to an endless number of palatable products, and yet the region’s inimitable topography defines the essence of these Spanish wines: rare and unforgettable.

Before summer ends, be sure to enjoy the incredible Baladiña Albariño with fresh seafood such as grilled sea bass and steamed prawns. As the weather cools, savor the spicy Henoba Tempranillo with warming winter foods such as roasted lamb shank and red pepper stew.

And if you find yourself in the beautiful Riax Baixas region, check out Lagar de Besada’s charming accommodations