Cayla Ferari


In-House Creative Designer

As Turquoise Life’s Creative Designer, Cayla is an integral member of the company, being the backbone of all Turquoise Life creative and design-related matters. Cayla is responsible for developing and maintaining all company brand guidelines as well as overseeing and developing all Turquoise Life marketing and merchandising materials.

Before joining Turquoise Life, Cayla’s creative design experience was specialized within the luxury beverage industry, having worked on some of the most prominent and successful champagnes and spirits brand campaigns over the years.

Cayla has also become a recent entrepreneur herself, having successfully launched LinePosters, a company that features her own urban poster designs – artistic modern and graphic interpretations of popular city transit systems from all across the world.

In her spare time, Cayla enjoys listening to good tunes, traveling, and watching movies.

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  Cayla Ferari