Spotlight On: Lagar de Besada

When someone talks about classically great wine, an amateur may expect he or she to mention varietals hailing from France or Italy. But a more seasoned wine drinker knows that what makes a wine truly incredible is the passion and character behind the winery, no matter where it is located. And once you hear about the fruits of Lagar de Besada, you will understand why Baladiña and Henoba are some of the most exquisite wines to come from Spain.

Run by a lovely husband and wife team, Maria and David, Lagar de Besada is a young winery off the southwest coast of Spain in Rias Baixas, not far from Galicia. This charming winery boasts picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean waters and the breezy, maritime climate among the coastal hills helps create a soil perfect for the albariño vines. The resulting Baladiña Albariño is an exceptional Spanish wine with perfect acidity and beautiful citrus notes.

Lagar de Besada’s also boats boutique vineyards in the hills of La Mancha in central Spain where the grow one of the Spanish noble grapes: tempranillo. The climate experiences a balance of invigorating winters and summers and the vineyard is prominently nestled 3,000 feet above sea level, one of the highest elevation points across all Spanish wine regions. Henoba Tempranillo is a complex and balanced wine that elegant and easy to drink with notes of vanilla and berry.

The soils of the Rias Baixas are so fecund with vegetation it would be foolish to limit Lagar de Besada to just winemaking. On the property, the produce an albariño jelly, holding similar acidity and pucker as the Baladiña. They also bottle various liqueurs, ranging from sweet to herbal flavors, and even coffee-flavored. The complex grapes give way to an endless number of palatable products, and yet the region’s inimitable topography defines the essence of these Spanish wines: rare and unforgettable.

Before summer ends, be sure to enjoy the incredible Baladiña Albariño with fresh seafood such as grilled sea bass and steamed prawns. As the weather cools, savor the spicy Henoba Tempranillo with warming winter foods such as roasted lamb shank and red pepper stew.

And if you find yourself in the beautiful Riax Baixas region, check out Lagar de Besada’s charming accommodations

6 Spots You Cannot Miss During Restaurant Week

     It’s late July in New York City and locals and travelers alike are flocking to the hottest dining spots for the city’s most talked about celebration: Restaurant Week. Whether you’re a refined gastronomist, or just someone trying to boost your Instagram game, every New Yorker can come together and share one of this city’s greatest talents: food. And we’ve selected six top restaurant pairings you can’t miss.


Il Mulino Prime (SoHo)

Il Mulino Prime is SoHo’s most beloved modern Italian steakhouse, with a RW menu filled with dynamic dishes like grilled halibut, octopus salad, and hearty Caprese. It’s no surprise they serve Breezette here, with dishes that highlight Breezette’s tropical fruit and floral notes.


Morimoto (Meatpacking)

If you really want to awaken your taste buds with innovative flavor pairings, Morimoto is the perfect Restaurant Week choice. Sushi that fuses Eastern tradition with Western modernism pairs exquisitely with our dry and zesty Baladiña.


Craft (Gramercy)

A chic and lively ambiance with French-inspired American fare is an ideal atmosphere for New Yorkers to be enjoying Juliette rosé. The fruit-forward and delicate floral notes will further savor the flavors of Craft’s fluke and melon crudo, tomato parmesan capellin i, and lemon arugula salad.


Sessanta at Sixty SoHo (SoHo)

This menu offers authentic Sicilian cuisine in a charmingly luxurious setting. With rich entrées like pecorino agnolotti and chicken Saltimbocca, our Chateau Laroche-Jaubert Bordeaux serves as a seamless pairing.


Tavern on the Green (Central Park West)

Restaurant Week can be a time to explore new flavors, but one can never go wrong with an iconic locale like Central Park. Our Provençal VieVité rosé would be best paired with this menu, with the rosé’s dry and elegant finish complementing their watermelon salad, and organic oven roasted salmon.


Butter (Midtown)

Luca Paretti Løvo is a fun and summery brut prosecco that makes you want to sit outside and celebrate good weather. Løvo’s apple and peach notes creates natural marriage of flavors with the lunch and dinner menu at Butter, ranging from summer squash to heirloom tomato salads.

It’s Friday, Enjoy a Parce Cocktail

The buzz around Parce rum has only increased since its launch. People are embracing the essence of Colombia, celebrating and relaxing themselves with summer’s hottest spirit. We put together a list of three of Parce’s most intriguing cocktail recipes that will transport you straight to the beaches of Colombia.

An American in Medellin
1 1/2 oz Parce 3-Year Rum
1/2 oz Pomegranate Juice
1/2 oz Ginger Syrup
1/2 oz Quality Orange Liqueur
1/2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice 

Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake gently. Pour over ice into a rocks glass.

Parce Cartageña
2 oz Parce 8-Year Rum
3 oz Mexican Coke
1/2 oz Lime Juice
1/2 oz Ginger Syrup
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Add ingredients to a chilled glass and swizzle with crushed ice. Garnish with mint and grated nutmeg. 

Dusk & Breezy
2 oz Parce 12-Year Rum
4 oz Ginger Beer
1 oz Orange Curaçao
1 Fresh Lime
Splash of Prosecco

Mix Parce, orange curacao and ginger beer in a chilled glass. Quarter a lime, squeeze, and drop in with ice. Top with a splash of prosecco.

Introducing Parce Rum

    Part of the Turquoise Life mission is to search the world for unique products to bring consumers a premium beverage experience. With that in mind, and with great pride, we announce the first spirit in our portfolio: Parce Rum.   
    Parce (pronounced “par-say”) is a natural addition to the Turquoise Life portfolio. As a family-owned, authentic rum blended in the heart of Colombia, and distilled in Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Colombia, Parce shares a home with the most exotic and authentic country in South America. Colombia boasts lush natural and historical wonders, produces rich coffee and exquisite flora, and is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes, including the turquoise beaches of Cartagena.

    Parce Rum comes joins the Turquoise Life portfolio with three different ages: a 3-year, 8-year, and 12-year rum. Each rum is blended carefully by experienced master blenders, and thoughtfully aged in bourbon barrels. The final product is a unique and refined spirit, representative of the Parce motto: Made con gusto.

            With its Colombian roots, award winning taste, and commitment to the Colombian environment with its One Bottle = One Tree program, Parce carries a heritage and philosophy that truly embodies the Turquoise Life.



Spotlight On: Sonoro Friulano

This week, we’re spotlighting the Sonoro Wine collection by the Angoris winery, located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (a.k.a Friuli). The winery owner, Marta Locatelli, recently traveled to the United States to highlight the distinctive and dynamic Sonoro white wines that are perfect for the hot summer months. Sonoro currently includes a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and, a particularly interesting varietal, Friulano.

But first, a little background: Tenuta di Angoris was given to Locatello Locatelli, the original owner, by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1648, making it the oldest winery in Friuli. Angoris has been expertly tended to for hundreds of years by generations of Locatelli men and women.

Friuli, in the Northeastern most part of Italy, borders Slovenia and Austria and enjoys a mountainous and oceanic climate, being situated between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, with the grapes planted in between.

Already in a niche category, Sonoro’s Friulano is particularly unique because it is made with 100% Friulano grapes, which are indigenous to the region to and grow almost exclusively in Friuli. The Friulano vines at Angoris were originally planted in 1986, giving them more than 20 years of age. The grapes are harvested in September and aged for five months in stainless steel tanks after a short, cold maceration. The final product is a lovely and unique wine with strong note of wildflowers on the nose, and a rich almond and honey palate.

This food-friendly Friulano goes perfectly with classic Friuli dishes such as risotto di Marano (shrimp, squid and mussels with rice), prosciutto, and a savory strudel called strukli, which is filled with potatoes and ricotta.

Sonoro’s Friulano, along with its Pinot Grigio and Sauvingon Blanc siblings, are beautiful, authentic expressions of the Friuli region and exceptional representations of the Angoris winery, which was founded on the idea of fostering genuine connections between people through the celebration of great wine.

Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Independence Day Bash

The summer is in full swing, the Fourth of July is fast approaching, and thoughts of a sweet, extended weekend getaway are on our mind. To make your holiday unforgettable, we’ve put together a list of fun and easy things to do and Turquoise Life brands that will turn your get-together into the most popular party on the block.

A proper atmosphere

Let’s be honest, half of the fun of Independence Day comes from the atmosphere. From picnicware to patriotic outfits, down to the color coordinated berry desserts, every guest will appreciate how you’ve integrated the holiday into your set up. Also, having fun themed activities for guests will always keep them happily entertained, like corn hole or a ring toss.

Invite new people

There is no better way to celebrate this memorable holiday than inviting neighbors on your block or conjoining two small parties into a bigger festivity. You can make things interesting by inviting new guests to bring a favorite summer dish and sharing your favorite bottle of rosé, and have a potluck-style meal, which leads to the next pointer…

The perfect menu

Why do people have such strong attachments to holidays? Second to great company, it’s the food. For a top notch spread, a combination between classic and unconventional dishes is sure to please everybody. Everything seasonal is always appreciated; like corn and watermelon, and of course anything that can be thrown on a grill. But mixing up this list with a fresh Greek salad or loaded baked sweet potatoes will catch people’s attention (and pairs perfectly with Baladiña).

All about the cocktails

The only question you should be answering this weekend is: red, white, or rosé? Luckily, you will never have to choose just one with our endless batch cocktail recipes of Breezette or Juliette. If you really want to impress your guests, make your own frosé, or try this floral ice cube recipe created by one of VieVité’s brand ambassadors. And if you want something bubbly, pick up a bottle of Luca Paretti ROSA or IVY Rosé for something that will satisfy day or night.

Where to Enjoy Frosé in New York

     As the summer swiftly approaches, you may have heard word of 2017’s trendiest cocktail, “frosé. If you are New York-based, you have definitely heard the word frosé more than once this season. For those who haven’t: frosé is a rosé-based frozen cocktail. This boozy slushie evokes a nostalgic feel for summers passed.

Find these frosé favorites at some of New York’s best summer spots.

1. The Hog Pit – Flatiron, NYC

If you’re staying in the city this summer, The Hog Pit has the perfect All-American summer atmosphere. This roadhouse is known for having some of the best Southern comfort food in New York, and a glass of tart Breezette frosé will compliment a plate of their infamous tangy barbecue. Come for the refreshing frosé, stay for the friendly employees, karaoke, and foosball table.

2. Industry Kitchen – South Street, NYC

Industry Kitchen is in the Financial District of Manhattan right on the water with clear views of the Brooklyn skyline and Governor’s Island. They serve their frosé with Breezette, holding more citrus notes, perfect for a local after-work happy hour.


3. The Buoy Bar – Point Lookout, Long Island

The Buoy Bar is a local waterfront bar and grill near Jones Bay that is known for their frozen cocktails. This bar is a great weekend getaway and has prime seating to watch the sunset. Their frosé is made with Juliette.


4. Nawlins’ Seafood Company – Freeport, Long Island

Made with Juliette, Nawlins’ frosé is served in a custom Nawlins glass. Nawlins is nestled in the Nautical Mile of Freeport, and known for their killer Cajun cuisine, especially their Po’ Boy sandwiches.


5. Ruschmeyer’s – Montauk, The Hamptons

Ruschmeyer’s is a no-brainer if you are in the Hamptons this summer. Ruschmeyer’s has a luxury summer camp vibe, with community picnic table seating and hanging tree lights. Their frosé is made with Juliette, and the fruitiness from the fresh strawberries is a perfect pairing for their brunch menu on hot summer days.


Or try our very own frosé recipe at home!

You Can’t Miss NYC’s Jazz Age Lawn Party

      Every summer for the past twelve years, New York City has been putting on a prohibition era inspired festival. What started out as a small gathering on Governor’s Island has turned into one of the city’s most beloved summer events, attracting thousands of time travelers each June and August. In case you need convincing to relive one of the grandest and most zealous eras in American history, here are five reasons why you must go to the Jazz Age Lawn Party.


  1. You get to play dress up.

Easily the most enticing reason to buy a ticket, dressing to the nines in full 1920s Jazz Age attire will be the most fun thing you get to do all summer. Plus, you won’t be able to stop staring at everyone else’s equally appropriate sartorial elegance.


  1. Live music and dancing.

Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra is everything you’d expect from the name. They are world renowned for their 1920’s Hot-Jazz that you won’t be able to resist getting up and moving your feet to. And Michael Aranella’s voice will lull you into a heady, Fitzgerald-esque daze.


  1. The photo ops.

What is more Insta-worthy than you and your best gents and best gals dolled up and frolicking and picnicking on Governor’s Island? If you want a photo memento that is seriously one-of-a-kind, there will be photo booth with a paper moon for guests to dreamily sit upon.


  1. Eye candy.

The Jazz Age Lawn Pary is so much more than just a picnic. Between the 1920s motorcar exhibition of Tin Lizzies, swanky performances by the Dreamland Follies and Canarsie Wobblers, vintage clothing pop ups, and authentic men’s grooming shops, the setup on the island will transport you; you’ll barely have time to sit down and picnic!


  1. VieVité is served everywhere.

Come for the picnic, stay for the VieVité. The Jay Gatsby of the Jazz Age Lawn Party, VieVité will keep the party going, it will leave you wanting more, and it will be the reason you never forget this decadent summer extravaganza. VieVité will be served by the glass, by the bottle, in cocktails and in picnic baskets.


Juliette Sunset Frosé Cocktail

Spice up your Memorial Day Weekend festivities with our Juliette Sunset Frosé Cocktail!

Frozen rosé, dubbed “frosé” by enthusiasts, is getting a lot of buzz and has found itself on cocktail lists at trendy restaurants across New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Want to sip the quintessential summer cocktail at home? The Juliette Sunset Frosé Cocktail is a quick and easy recipe and the classiest way to add ice to rosé. The strawberries and lime in this cocktail add a freshness that compliment Juliette’s fruitier notes and make it the perfect summer beverage! 


Juliette Sunset
1 bottle Juliette rosé
2 cups fresh strawberries
½ oz lime juice
5 oz simple syrup
2 cups ice cubes

Combine the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth and slushy. Garnish with a splash of grenadine if desired and serve immediately. This recipe can also be found here, among other summer cocktail ideas.