Craig Zimmerman


Director of Finance

Craig joins Turquoise Life as the Director of Finance and is responsible for leading all aspect of Finance and Accounting, including Financial Planning and Analysis.

He brings with him a breadth of experience in corporate strategy and corporate finance experience, as well as a degree from The University of Michigan Ross School of Business School. Craig developed his expertise in strategy roles at Bain & Company and Capital One. His corporate finance background comes from retail and restaurants, where Craig led finance departments at multiple companies, as well as many Operations projects.

When he’s not driving improvements to Turquoise Life’s profitability and financial management, you’ll most likely find him in Brooklyn at a coffee shop, wine tasting–particularly in stores offering esoteric varietals and wines from lesser known appellations–or in a yoga class. Craig also has a deep passion for food, both cooking and adventurous new restaurants.

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  Craig Zimmerman